Frequently asked questions

To help you to understand all aspects of long or short term hire, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered in this section please feel free to call us on 01249 812153.


Type Approval

All new trailers purchased from Wessington Cabins must have type approval and comply with EC standards. It is mandatory that we store records of every trailer we sell for ten years, and these records must include details of the type approval Certificate of Conformity or Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) certificate which covers the trailer.

You can be assured that we are completely compliant with these regulations. 

For more information about type approval


Is it possible to specify particular brands of soap, hand creams, etc?

Quality Soaps and hand lotions are provided in our luxury toilet units in a smart dispenser. Alternatively you are free to supply your own consumables. 

Does Wessington Cabins Ltd provide floral arrangements to go inside luxury toilets?

No, this is normally provided by the organiser or marquee supplier to match the theme of the event. We are, of course, happy for you to supply your own flowers, etc.

Will there be an emergency number for me to contact in the event that there is a problem?

Yes. If you have a problem outside of office hours, simply call Wessington Cabins Ltd on telephone number - 01249 812153.

Do I need to arrange insurance in case of damage or vandalism to the equipment at my event?

Yes, it is the responsibility of the hirer to arrange insurance cover for the facilities hired from Wessington Cabins Ltd.

Do I require a site visit?

A site visit will be arranged if it is necessary. This is usually required if special delivery measures need to be taken into account. ring us on 01249 812153 - we shall be happy to help.

What happens to the waste from the toilets or showers?

All waste from your site will be collected and taken to a waste disposal site. Wessington Cabins Ltd are registered waste carriers and all of our products are as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Do I have to provide toilet rolls and other consumables?

Wessington Cabins Ltd will deliver a stocked unit. If you have any extra stock requirements please discuss with our Hire team (an additional charge may apply.)

Can you provide an attendant service?

Yes. The attendant would be there to maintain the toilets through the event and also to provide technical support. Please contact our Hire Department on 01249 812153 if you would like a price or more information about this.

Do I need to provide drainage?

Our toilet units are based upon our re-circulation technology and do not need mains drainage. Please ring us on 01249 812153, and we shall be happy to help you.

Does Wessington Cabins Ltd supply electrical generators?

We can supply generators for most types of event (additional charges apply).

What methods of hand washing are supplied?

We provide warm water hand washing facilities with traditional porcelain basins in all of our range of portable toilets.


What are the sizes of the various pieces of equipment available to hire?

Please click on the item within the hire section of our website where you will find dimensions of all Wessington Cabins Ltd product range. 

Are there lights in the toilets?

All the Wessington Cabins Ltd range have lights in them

When will the toilets be delivered?

Delivery/collection is normally Monday-Friday, although weekend delivery/collection can be arranged on request for an additional cost. Delivery schedules will be set up for larger events. For smaller events, a time will be arranged with our Transport Team.

What access is required to the site & how will the loos be delivered?

We would normally expect good access with firm level ground, should the access be difficult a site visit is normally carried out in advance of the event to discuss method of delivery or alternative facilities.

What do I need to provide for the Vacuum Toilet System?

A cold water hose/tap will be required to top up the fresh water tank. During periods of high usage a tanker maybe required to empty the toilet waste storage tank.  Please ring us on 01249 812153, and we shall be happy to discuss this with you.

Will the loos need servicing?

This will be discussed at the quoting stage to ensure you have the correct facilities for your event. For events taking place over a number of days, we would normally recommend a service visit or that you have our attendants on site for the duration of the event.

Do I need to provide electricity?

Re-circulating trailers are all self-contained, requiring only a connection to a power supply from either the mains or a generator (3.5KVa minimum) is required.

Do I need to provide any water?

Recirculating trailers are all self-contained but a water supply, usually a hose pipe, is advised to refill the fresh water tank during heavy usage. For further information, please ring us on 01249 812153, and we shall be happy to help you. 

How do I know which style of toilet or shower to select?

We have a wide range of toilet and shower facilities to suit every application and budget. Please examine the descriptions, photos, and specifications on our website, and contact our Hire Team on 01249 812153 for further information and advice.

How many toilets do I need for my event?

Please contact our Hire Team on 01249 812153 for further advice on the type and number of toilets you will need.